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Bike Lanes Are Finally Coming to the Pulaski Bridge

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[Via Atomische * Tom Giebel/Curbed Photo Pool]

After a drawn out process, the Newtown Creek-spanning Pulaski Bridge will soon get bike lanes, DNAinfo reports.

The plan has been gestating for a while now and local Assemblyman Joseph Lentol has been a longtime advocate for bike lanes in North Brooklyn. On Thursday, he announced in a press conference that the Department of Transportation will begin work on the lane starting on September 14, and construction could wrap up by the end of the year. Currently, pedestrians and bikers share space crossing the bridge.

The project has stalled numerous times, and funds were initially allocated for the bike lane (plus a host of other lanes throughout the city) in 2014. However, contracting issues delayed construction indefinitely back in October.

This new bike lane between North Brooklyn and Western Queens comes at an opportune time, as the city just installed a huge number of new Citi Bike stations in the area.
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