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Ben Shaoul's New Box in the East Village is on the Rise

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[All photos via EV Grieve]

Like Isaac Hayes in Escape from New York , Ben "the Sledgehammer" Shaoul has effectively taken over entire swathes of the Manhattan, ruling his domain with an iron fist and destroying those who dare get in his way. Now, his latest box is taking shape in the East Village at 98-100 Avenue A, with EV Grieve catching a few shots of the building rising above the plywood.

The six-story, 29-unit building is located between East 6th and East 7th Streets and—as you may be able to tell from Shaoul's track record and the rendering (after the jump)—it will look absolutely terrible. It will also have retail space on the first floor. Shaoul purchased the property—which was once a pretty cool movie theater—in May of 2013 for $15.4 million, beginning the process of tearing it down later that year.

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