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Go Inside NYC's Mid-Century Gems on Docomomo's Tour Day

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[FDR Four Freedoms Park is one site you can visit. Photo by Nathan Kensinger.]

There's no shortage of events geared towards architecture buffs this fall, most notably Open House New York, which will open up hundreds of off-limits NYC sites to curious onlookers. But if the thought of waiting more than a month to go inside treasures like City Hall is killing you—or if your tastes run more towards the mid-century modern—then we have good news: Docomomo, an organization whose mission is "dedicated to the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement" (hence the odd acronym) will host its annual Tour Day on October 10, and some New York City (and NYC-adjacent) sites are on the docket.

The event happens in cities across the United States, and so far, they've announced several tours in the greater New York area:

· Russel Wright's Manitoga, a Japanese-inspired structure that the industrial designer built on a quarry in Garrison, New York.
· Marcel Breuer's buildings at Bronx Community College, which stand in stark contrast to the Beaux Arts architecture of Stanford White's many structures on campus.
· Albany's Harriman State Office Building Campus, which features several buildings erected in the mid-century style.
· FDR Four Freedoms Park, a project on Roosevelt Island that was more than four decades in the making (it finally opened in 2012), and designed by Louis I. Khan.

There are also tours happening in Chicago, Indiana, Houston, and Palm Springs on the same day. (And since you won't be able to time-travel to all of those in a 24-hour span, consider using Curbed's guide to architectural tourism as a primer for further design-fuled travels?)
· Docomomo US Tour Day 2015 [Official]