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Central Park Tower Loses Its Spire, Will Stand 1,550 Feet

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To say, as a rep for Extell did just a few weeks ago, that all renderings for the company's massive 57th Street supertall (née Nordstrom Tower) are "wrong" is kinda like saying that the design for 3 World Trade Center completely changed when its rooftop masts were dropped from the picture; it's a mere technicality, so far as the folks on the street are concerned. But that's what it seems like Extell did when they decried all renderings of the 57th Street building, because New York YIMBY just got their hands on some new info that suggests that the only difference in the building's design is its now-missing rooftop spire. The new info also suggests that the building will stand 1,550 feet without its spire, which is a whole 20 feet taller than previously anticipated and 182 feet taller than One World Trade Center (excluding its spire.)

A new schematic sent to YIMBY by two project insiders (darr;) confirms that its most recent design lacks a spire, but Central Park Tower will still cantilever over the Arts Students League from which the developer bought a bunch of the project's air rights. With the new schematic, YIMBY notes that the building's floor count has been bumped up to 99 which is soclose to 100 that it's close to infuriating.

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