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Nearly All World Trade Center Relics Have Found a Home

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[Image via "In Memoriam: 15 Photos of the Twin Towers In the 1970s"]

While the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site continues to hit big milestones like the halfway mark for 3 World Trade Center and the imminent opening of Calatrava's Oculus, another, quieter off-site milestone is about to be passed. The 840 pieces of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center site wreckage, divided into 2,200 items and shipped across the world to act as artifacts and objects of remembrance for the public, have nearly all been shipped from storage. According to Crain's, only 30 pieces of steel and 70 personal artifacts remain in Hangar 17 at Kennedy Airport.

The Port Authority has overseen their dispersal across the 50 states and the globe to places like China, Germany, Canada, Afghanistan, and Brazil, where nonprofit groups, governments, or museums have applied and been accepted to display artifacts for the public. As early as last week, a piece of steel arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida where it will become the centerpiece for a permanent memorial at Fire Station No. 1.

There are 40 applications for the remaining items pending with the Port Authority. After 14 years, nearly each of them has found a new home.
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