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Norah Jones Buys Brooklyn's 'Eat, Pray, Love' Carriage House

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Singer/songwriter Norah Jones has a long, storied history with Cobble Hill which mostly, until now, revolved around some scandalous window additions to her Amity Street townhouse. But that all's a thing of the past now that the Daily News reports that Jones is the buyer of the neighborhood's beloved carriage house at 172 Pacific Street. The house, which served as a set for that lovable but forgettable Julia Roberts movie Eat, Pray,Love, showed up on the market in April 2014 for $8 million alongside brokerbabble touting the former firehouse as "rare and mythical" in a sea of other lovely Brooklyn houses. Despite its unicorn-y properties, the house was hit with a pricechop down to $6.995 million before selling to Jones for $6.25 million in May.

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