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Photographer Albert Watson's Artsy Tribeca Duplex Seeks $21.5M

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Iconic photographer Albert Watson, known for capturing a wide array of subjects over the years (everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Tupac Shakur), has listed his Tribeca penthouse for $21.5 million, according to the New York Times. It's the second high-profile listing at the building, 101 Warren Street, in one week, after taxi king Simon Garber listed his penthouse earlier this week for $25 million. Watson and his wife, Elizabeth, bought the 3,800-square-foot home (duplex occupying the building's 34th and 35th floors) in 2008, and since then have made a number of changes. They replaced the original floors with gray granite, added a glass-and-steel staircase connecting the duplex's floors, and installed a huge steel bookshelf that was used to create a library on the first floor. The overall effect, which you can see in the photos above (which were apparently taken by Watson for Corcoran's listing), is next-level industrial chic, with views that the Times described as "works of art in their own right." As for the Watsons, they're not leaving New York City yet, but the photographer did say that some of the proceeds from the sale will go to establishing his own museum.

· Listing: 101 Warren Street Apt 3450 [Corcoran]
· Albert Watson's TriBeCa Penthouse Listed at $21.5 Million [NYT]

101 Warren Street

101 Warren St, New York, NY 10013