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See the Enormous Tower Poised to Rise in Sheepshead Bay

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The sleepy south Brooklyn neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay is getting a tall tower of its very own, and renderings for the 30(ish)-story development have finally come down the pipeline. 6sqft notes that, by Manhattan standards, 30 stories is not all that tall, but the development is poised to soar four times higher than any other building in the neighborhood. The sore thumb of Sheepshead Bay is designed by Perkins Eastman and co-developed by Muss Development and AvalonBay, who are noted tall building developers throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

6sqft reports that the building will rise 331 feet, but plans on file with the Department of Buildings say the tower will rise 321 feet. Similarly, there's debate about whether the building will stand 28 or 30 stories, and how many apartments in the 200s it will hold. Whatever the case, it will be huge alongside its neighbors. Curbed has reached out for clarification.

Sheepshead Bites reports that the building will have both rentals and condos, with condo asks starting in the $700,000 range. The building's Schedule A says there will be parking for 118 bicycles (in an area that is prone to flooding), parking for 165 cars (ditto), and a 17th floor sky lounge. Move-ins in the 250(ish)-apartment building could begin as soon as spring of 2017, with work wrapping up in 2018. In addition to apartments, the building will have some 12,000 square feet of office space.

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