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Brooklyn Supertall Gets a Size Bump, But Fewer Apartments

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The most recent plans for Brooklyn's tallest proposed building at 340 Flatbush Avenue Extension reveal the building will top out at 1,006 feet making it the tallest proposed building in the borough. But we already knew it was going to be the borough's tallest. So what's new about the project? NY YIMBY reports that the building will now have more space, and fewer but larger apartments.

The number of apartments have reduced from 495 to 417, and the square footage dedicated to residential space has increased from 446,734 square feet to 463,470 square feet, from the previous plans.

For now, the first four floors of the SHoP-designed 73-story building will have retail and office space. And the floor above that will have a resident's lounge with an outdoor terrace. The apartments start seventh floor upwards.

The developers, JDS Development Group, were able to increase the size of the residential building through the purchase of the adjacent Dime Savings Bank building at 9 Dekalb Avenue in December. That purchase helped transfer 300,000 square feet of development rights to the supertall building. It's likely that the Savings Bank building will remain and be converted into a restaurant or retail space. The proposed supertall is located right next to the borough's iconic Junior's Restaurant.

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9 Dekalb Ave

9 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201