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Proposed 'Coachella East' Set For Randall's Island, Not Queens

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It looks like Flushing Meadows-Corona Park won't be getting a music festival after all: AEG-Goldenvoice, the concert promoters behind the massively popular Coachella, announced that the inaugural Panorama music festival will happen this July—on Randall's Island.

Panorama is billed as "three days of music, art, technology, and local food offerings," though details on what those will entail, exactly, are scarce at the moment. But despite getting support from some Queens lawmakers, the New York City Parks Department ultimately rejected AEG's permit application, along with two others from Founders Entertainment (the team responsible for Governors Ball) and MSG, according to the New York Daily News.

Founders applied for a permit for the final weekend in September, while MSG wanted to hold its multi-day shindig over the weekend of June 24. But Parks commissioner Mitchell Silver told the Daily News that "our primary concern is ensuring the park is available for the many New Yorkers who call Flushing Meadows Corona Park their backyard"—and presumably, having three events of that scale in one season would've made that pretty tough.

In a statement, Goldenvoice festival producer Mark Shulman said, "Goldenvoice has received tremendous support from the local community and elected officials who recognize the immense economic benefits these types of events deliver to their businesses and constituents. We look forward to continuing our discussions with NYC Parks to create an event to take place in Queens in the future."

This doesn't mean the city will be entirely festival-free in 2016: Founders has already announced the lineup for Governors Ball, taking place June 3–5 on Randall's Island with headliners the Strokes, Kanye West, the Killers, and Beck (most of whom have headlined before, because everything old is new again, or something). And AEG's "Coachella East" is happening on the island a month and change later, over the weekend of July 22. Despite the venue change, it'll still keep the name Panorama, inspired by the miniature model of New York City that currently resides at the Queens Museum.
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