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Donald Trump Offloads Yet Another Park Avenue Apartment

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Donald Trump sure seems to be eager to dump his Manhattan real estate. The self-appointed person in charge of making America great again (ha) sold a penthouse at Trump Park Avenue over the summer for $21 million, and now, one of his smaller condos in the same tower has sold for $14 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. The 4,200-square-foot pad—which, for the price, is fairly uninspiring—was originally listed for $16.8 million just over a month ago, and it was never occupied during the time that Trump owned it. That'll change, though: the name of the buyer wasn't released, but Trump's broker, Michelle E. Griffith, said the new owner plans to actually live in the condo. (Trump's daughter Ivanka claims that the fire sale of his apartments nothing to do with The Donald's current presidential campaign. Suuuuure.)

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