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Introducing the Easy Way for Regular Investors to Get in on Real Estate Deals

To start 2016 with new investments, learn more here. >>

The only crowdfunded real estate investment platform partnered with a national real estate advisory firm, EQUITYMULTIPLE is committed to empowering investors with the information and tools to quickly and easily make investments that fit their goals and portfolio strategy.

While the stock market is marked by volatility, real estate is historically more stable, making real estate investments a good complement to your portfolio. Each opportunity on EQUITYMULTIPLE has been vetted by both the originating real estate company and EquityMultiple, ensuring that only a small percentage of deals make it to investors. EQUITYMULTIPLE customers select and review properties, ask questions, and monitor their investments. Here's an example of the kind of investment opportunities EQUITYMULTIPLE offers: the San Francisco Pre-Development Bridge Loan, which will earn investors a 9 percent annualized interest rate over the next 8 and a half months. (Click here for a video with more details.)

Until recently, investing in commercial real estate required "knowing a guy" and plenty of cash on hard. But that's changing: EQUITYMULTIPLE can help investors build a diversified portfolio of pre-vetted real estate investments — with minimums as low as $5,000.