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Brooklyn Heights' Pineapple Walk To Stay Put

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A low-rise piece of Brooklyn Heights is going to stay that way for the time being. The residents of 75 Henry Street, a.k.a. the shareholders of Whitman Owner Corp., voted Friday against allowing the board to investigate selling their property along Pineapple Walk to a developer, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported. Pineapple Walk is a pedestrian-only path between Henry Street and Cadman Plaza West. It features a single-story structure home to several businesses, including the market at 79 Henry Street and the Park Plaza restaurant on Cadman Plaza.

The vote was 191 to 112, according to the Eagle. If the Pineapple Walk property was sold, shareholders stood to get $150,000 each, but keeping the neighborhood as is was apparently more important. "Our co-op voted to keep the integrity of our neighborhood, and sensibility rules over greed," one resident told the Eagle.

· BREAKING: 75 Henry St. Shareholders Vote Against Selling Pineapple Walk in Brooklyn Heights [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]