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Bobby Flay Hopes Two Listings Will Increase Chance of Sale

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Have you ever had the feeling that someone really doesn't want to own his piece of real estate anymore? Well, Bobby Flay apparently really doesn't want his Chelsea duplex anymore and is so eager to get out that he has it listed twice, the New York Post reported. Flay got the eighth and ninth floor, three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit at the Chelsea Mercantile in his divorce from SVU actress Stephanie March. In October, we reported that he had put it on the market for sale at $7.95 million. Having no luck with that, he has also listed it as a rental for $22,500 a month. The Post says it does come with "a top-of-the-line chef's kitchen." It used to be good enough for Bobby. Is it good enough for you?

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Chelsea Mercantile

252 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY