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Roosevelt Island Residents Cheer Plan For New Library

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People living in the middle of the East River apparently make good use of their library and are excited for its future. Residents of Roosevelt Island applauded on Thursday as the New York Public Library presented plans for their new branch on the land mass, the Roosevelt Islander reported. The new branch, designed by Smith-Miller+Hawkinson Architects LLP, will span 5,465 square feet and cost $7.5 million dollars. It's scheduled to open in late 2017 or early 2018.

The current 2,200-square-foot library has three personal computers and 11 laptops for patron use. The new one will have 16 and 24, respectively. Currently, there is no community room. The new branch will have a 670-square-foot community room with an "assistive learning system," plus a 640-square-foot children's room and a 200-square-foot teen space. The Roosevelt Islander says it will also have padded flooring.

The current library say 88,000 visits in 2015. Roosevelt Island has a population of 13,000, according to the Roosevelt Islander. Of that, 44 percent have a library card.

See the full NYPL presentation here:

· New York Public Library Presents Plans For New $7.5 Million, 5,500 Square Foot Roosevelt Island Branch Library To Applauding Residents Last Night [Roosevelt Islander]