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City to Reveal Plans to Replace Nolita Community Garden

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It's not an easy decision —choosing between affordable housing for seniors and a community garden, but it's one the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development intends to make. Tomorrow evening, HPD will present plans for a six-story building with 60 to 75 units of affordable housing for seniors, that is set to replace the Elizabeth Street Garden in Nolita.

Local residents and volunteers who maintain the garden, and are opposed to the affordable housing at this site, are expected to make a strong showing at tomorrow's meeting to be hosted by Community Board 2 at the Scholastic Building in SoHo.

As part of their presentation, the city is likely to issue a request for proposals for the development of the site at the meeting tomorrow night.

Those opposed to construction of affordable housing say the neighborhood lacks adequate green space, and point to the already existing affordable housing at 21 Spring Street, whose residents also use the garden.

Furthermore opponents say the city is not making use of city-owned vacant lots nearby for this development, such as a larger site at the intersection of Hudson and Clarkson Streets, according to DNAinfo.

Community Board 2 previously announced it would renege on its support of future affordable housing projects if the city refused to find an alternate location for the new senior affordable housing building.

CB2 Working Group on Affordable Housing Meeting, 6:30 p.m., Scholastic Building auditorium, 557 Broadway.

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