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Tour a Huge Duplex at Thomas Juul-Hansen's High Line Condos

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[Photos by VHT Studios]

While closings have begun on the in-contract units at Thomas Juul-Hansen's High Line condos, several of the building's schmancy condos are still for sale. Among those units is a three-bedroom, second-floor duplex in the larger of the two buildings, asking $6.6 million. (It's one of five duplexes in the building, including a $19 million penthouse.) With the help of design firm Ash, there's now a model unit for that 3,093-square-foot apartment, which shows off its high ceilings and luxe interiors—not to mention the fact that the pad's private terrace looks right onto the High Line. (Which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you feel about people peeking into your apartment at all hours.) This is in addition to the development's other model unit, which shows what the interior of a full-floor unit (not a duplex) would look like.

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