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Coming to Governors Island: A Pavilion Made of Coat Hangers

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The newest sculpture to go up on Governors Island this summer will be a pavilion made entirely out of coat hangers. Yes, that's right, "Hanger Barn," as the art project is titled is the winning entry for this year's City of Dreams Pavilion competition, which is an annual, participatory art event that calls for submissions of environmentally-friendly designs.

The competition is organized each year in collaboration between Figment, a non-profit arts organization, the Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA), American Institute of Architects New York Chapter (AIANY), and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY).

Each year the competition calls for the submission of designs that are sustainable with a focus on the materials used, and how they can be reutilized when the installation is taken down.

This year's winner is the team of Youngsu Lee and Bosuk Hur who represent the design firm Folio. For their project, Folio procured used wire coat hangers from dry cleaning facilities from across the city. Over the summer, these will be installed on Governors Island with the hangers tied to each other with zip ties. One hanger will mirror the other as they create a fractal pattern and shape the pavilion. This will make the structure seem like it's in motion and create shadow patterns on the ground, according to the design team.

The organizers also chose three finalists for this year's competition —A pavilion made with slalom gates taken from a ski resort, domes made of plastic bags, and lightweight structure made partly with recycled materials from the inner tubes of vehicles. Here's a look at the finalists:

Previous winners of the competition include the Billion Oyster Pavilion —a canopy made with steel rebar, nylon rope, and hose clamps; and the Governor's Cup —made with, you guessed it —plastic cups designed in a constellation like pattern. And here's what they looked like:

The organization reviewed over 100 proposals this past year to select the winner. Hanger Barn will be installed on Governors Island sometime during the summer.

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