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New Looks Inside Simon Baron's 'Storybook' UES Condos

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Rosario Candela's lovely pre-war building at 12 East 88th Street is currently in the process of being converted into a condo by Simon Baron Development, and the developer recently launched a website for that project. The rental-to-condo conversion launched sales back in December, so the pricing information isn't new, but we now have floorplans for some of the condos, which start at $3 million and only rise from there. There are also new renderings of the Vicente Wolf-designed interiors, including amenity spaces like a children's playroom and a residents' lounge. The website itself plays up the idea of "boutique condominium living at a storybook address" that the developers have been pushing, with a woman in various upscale costumes (some of them princess-y) set in scenes around the building and the neighborhood. This building is just one of many in the new Upper East Side's development boom, including DDG's tall condo tower just a few blocks down 88th Street.

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