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Staten Island Farm Colony Wins Condo Conversion Approval

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The redeveloped New York City Farm Colony could open its doors as early as next year, a New York Times report has revealed. The City Council approved a plan this week that would see the 45-acre plot located in the center of Staten Island converted into 344 condos marketed towards seniors, and a ton of publicly accessible open space. The Landmarks Preservation Commission had already approved the plan earlier.

The approved plan allows the New York Economic Development Corporation to sell this parcel of land to Staten Island-based developer, Raymond Masucci, who heads NFC Associates LLC for a mere $1. Yes, that minuscule amount is right.

So what's the trade off here? Masucci will spend about $91 million to redevelop the property where apartments will only be open to those 55 years and older. Thirty-four of these apartments will also be set aside as senior affordable housing. What's more Masucci will develop 17 acres of this area into landscaped open space. So, the city gets senior-targeted housing and a giant chunk of open space from what was formerly a large group of abandoned, derelict buildings.

What does the redevelopment look like you ask. Well, five of the remaining 11 buildings on the site will be rehabilitated, and the remaining will be torn down. An over 100-year-old men's dormitory will be preserved as a ruin. New additions to Landmark Colony, as it is officially known, will include three, six-story apartment buildings, and 14 multiple unit townhouses.

This 45-acre site sits right across from the former Seaview Hospital, which is now a long term care facility also by the same name.

The Farm Colony operated as poorhouse beginning in the early 1800s. By the middle of the 20th century the number of people living there reduced significantly but it was still a government run facility until 1975, when it was closed.

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