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Big Reveal: $1.4M For a West Village Duplex One-Bedroom

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There were plenty of close guesses in this week's real-estate guessing game, but Captain Cranky Pants came the closest without going over—his guess of $1.375 million was just $20,000 shy of the West Village one-bedroom's actual asking price, $1.395 million. Sure, it has a quirky layout ("This is a really small, odd layout that would drive me berserk in less than a week," according to El Pachuo), but some commenters were won over by the apartment's lovely finishes and, funnily enough, that odd layout. "It's cool, sexy, snug...almost ethereal," said Countess LuAnne. Indeed.

How Much For a Duplex One-Bedroom In the West Village? [Curbed]