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Norman Foster's Midtown Condos Launch Sales From $3.35M

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Details on the Aby Rosen-developed, Norman Foster-designed condos at 100 East 53rd Street (called, appropriately enough, One Hundred East Fifty Third Street) have been coming out in dribs and drabs. First, vague details on pricing were revealed; then, the interiors of the space; and following that, floorplans for some of its available apartments. Of course, the most pertinent thing for real-estate speculators—the full, public listings for the apartments—has been under wraps, at least until today. Listings are now live for seven of the building's units, ranging from a $3.35 million studio to a 50th-floor, 3,385-square-foot three-bedroom unit that's asking $21 million. The building topped out earlier this month, and the first move-ins will happen in 2017. Should you have the cash to justify a visit the sales gallery for the apartments, it's located—of course—in the Seagram Building, just next door.

All renderings by © DBOX for RFR.

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100 East 53rd Street

100 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022