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Eclectic Soho Loft Is an Uninhibited Designer's Paradise

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When the owner of this 3,300-square-foot Soho loft tapped designer Ricky Clifton to do up its interiors, the conversation might have gone a little something like this:

Clifton: "What are you thinking?"

Owner: "Everything, I want everything. A little Tropical Modernism, a few different animal prints, and oh, don't go light on the Marie Antoinette a la Sofia Coppola aesthetic."

Such are the interiors of the loft at 33 Greene Street. Each room in the three-bedroom, three-bathroom loft—which just so happens to be 3,300 square feet. Perhaps three is an auspicious number for its owner—has its own eclectic theme. The property is now asking $6.1 million, and comes with central air and high-end appliances.

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