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Brooklyn's Good Thing Makes Its Name in American Home Design

Inside a wood beam warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Jamie Wolfond wants to alter the U.S home goods market with something affordable, well-designed, and American. The Canadian-born industrial designer is showing off the latest colorful updates to Good Thing, the home goods company he founded in 2014, including vinyl hand mirrors and a series of crisp, colorful candleholders. In a city (and country) awash with similar options from around the globe, including Japan (Muji) and Denmark (Flying Tiger and Hay), it may seem like Wolfond's upstart brand is attempting to enter a market that's already flooded. But he believes that with the right philosophy, an American-curated company and its products, priced to be universally available, can bring a new spin to home design.

"People's collective understanding of the importance of objects in their lives is growing," he say, "but nobody is coming out of North America and presenting a strong collection with a well-executed voice. All the companies that I admire aren't here."