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Here Now, Brooklyn's Ten Priciest Neighborhoods In 2015

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Last year was a banner year for New York City real estate. Brooklyn and Queens continued to gain on Manhattan, narrowing the price gap between the prized island and its outer boroughs. Only one Brooklyn neighborhood made it into the city's top 20 priciest 'hoods of 2015—surprise!, the rest are in Manhattan—but that doesn't mean that Brooklyn isn't hot. As construction booms in the borough, the median sales price will continue to soar. PropertyShark laid out Brooklyn's ten most expensive neighborhoods—and the priciest houses sold in them last year—confirming that the borough is following in the footsteps of its teeny tiny neighbor.

10) Downtown Brooklyn
Median Sales Price: $839,492

This neighborhood is sure to move up the list in the coming years, with work on City Point moving right along, and Brooklyn's tallest tower to be set to rise. But the neighborhood is no stranger to pricey real estate. The priciest apartment to sell in Dwntown Brooklyn last year was a $3.26 million duplex at Belltel Lofts. Now imagine what the asks in the borough's supertall will be.

9) Williamsburg
Median Sales Price: $900,600

Of course Williamsburg, the Manhattanite's first stop in Brooklyn, is on this list. The priciest apartment to sell in the neighborhood in 2015 was a $5.25 million penthouse at 440 Kent Avenue with great views of the East River and Manhattan Bridge.

8) Columbia Street Waterfront District
Median Sales Price: $906,243

The neighborhood that the Gowanus Expressway made, also called by no one Carroll Gardens West, is on the rise. The Columbia Street Waterfront District is just one walkway over the highway from neighborhoods that ranked much higher on this list. The townhouse at 99 Kane Street is the neighborhoods priciest sell of 2015, bringing in $2.8 million.

7) Park Slope
Median Sales Price: $930,000

The priciest sale in Park Slope in 2015 is also the neighborhood's priciest sale ever—the $12.4 million mansion on Prospect Park West at the corner of Carroll Street.

6) Boerum Hill
Median Sales Price: $939,728

The restored, historic townhouse at 308 State Street is Boerum Hill's priciest sale of 2015. The 1874-built townhouse is on the National Register of Historic Places, and pulled in $5.45 million.

5) Brooklyn Heights & Greenpoint
Median Sales Price: $950,000

Brooklyn Heights and Greenpoint shared a median sales price in 2015, but the priciest sale between the two neighborhoods was made in (no shocker here) Brooklyn Heights. The neighborhood's priciest property of the year was a $10.25 million townhouse at 81 State Street.

4) Manhattan Beach
Median Sales Price: $1.125 million

Perhaps the biggest surprise on this list is the south Brooklyn neighborhood of Manhattan Beach. The neighborhood isn't known for the same cultural cachet or historic townhouses that allowed other neighborhoods to rise to this list, but it does boast something the others do not: detached homes, surrounding yards, and ocean views. The priciest house to sell in the neighborhood last year was a $4.4 million mcmansion one block from the waterfront at 156 Dover Street.

3) Cobble Hill
Median Sales Price: $1.175 million

Just like in Park Slope, the priciest house to sell in Cobble Hill this year shattered the neighborhood record. Not only that, the sale of 177 Pacific Street for $15.5 million shattered the record for most expensive home in all of Brooklyn, formerly claimed by Truman Capote's $12 million Brooklyn Heights digs. The townhouse was purchased by artist Jay Maisel, who sold his 77,000-square-foot live/work building on the Bowery to developer Aby Rosen for $55 million last year.

2) Vinegar Hill & Carroll Gardens
Median Sales Price: $1.2625 million

Both Vinegar Hill and Carroll Gardens had a median sales price of $1.2625 million in 2015 (oddly enough), but Carroll Gardens's priciest sale leads between the two. The most expensive home sold in the neighborhood in 2015 is 294 A Sackett Street, a new $4.55 million townhouse included in the Sackett Union development, built-out by the same firm behind the Woolworth Building's residential conversion.

1) Dumbo
Median Sales Price: $1.41 million

And topping the list—to the surprise of no one—is Dumbo, where the priciest unit sold in 2015 was one of the neighborhood's first ground-up townhouses built in this millennium. The townhouse at 175 Water Street is one of five developed by Alloy, and sold for a whopping $4.81 million.

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