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Planned East Harlem Tower Will Be Condos, Not Rentals

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A 23-story Harlem building that was originally planned as a rental will now go condo, according to The Real Deal.

Jeremy Markowitz's Heritage Real Estate Partners was planning to build a 23-story rental building at 1399 Park Avenue in Harlem. But TRD reports that the plan is now for condos. The rentals would have numbered 108 and clocked in at about 870 square feet apiece, but a recent filing with the Attorney General's office indicates the developer wants to change that to 72 units at 1,300 square feet apiece. Goldstein, Hill & West Architects seems to still be designing the project, which includes 20,000 square feet of "community space" and a 54-car garage. Heritage snagged the lot for $12 million in 2014.

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