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Perch Harlem, NYC's First Passive House Rental, Tops Out

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The city's first passive house rental building has topped out. Perch Harlem, as the building is known, is located at 542 West 153rd Street in the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem. It stands seven stories tall and features 34 units in total.

"We are excited to announce this important construction milestone as we move forward in developing New York City's first market-rate apartment building designed to Passive House standards," said Justin Palmer, the CEO of Synapse Development Group, which is developing the building in collaboration with Taurus Investment Holdings. "Taurus and Synapse are focused on redesigning urban living with a higher quality of construction in the multi-family market, and our building will operate using 80 to 90 percent less energy consumption when compared to traditional multi-family design."

For architect Chris Benedict, this isn't her first time designing a passive rental in the city. She is also working on another project in Bushwick known as Knickerbocker Commons.

The asymmetrical windows of the building were designed specifically keeping the energy efficiency component in mind. The larger, fixed windows maximize solar energy, and the smaller windows can be opened for fresh air. Each unit in the building comes with central heating, cooling, and an energy recovery ventilator —features that will allow residents to control the temperature and fresh airflow according to their needs.

Amenities in the building include a rooftop terrace, a residents lounge, and a gym. All the interior work was carried out by Me and General Design.

The project is expected to be complete by the spring of this year. It's part of a growing trend of passive house structures throughout the city, which includes 28 buildings at last count.
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