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Historic Ocean Liner Has 'Exciting Future' With Redevelopment

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After months of speculation on what might happen to the historic SS United States, once one of the grandest ocean liners on the water, it looks as if a solution to save the ship has been brokered. The SS United States Conservancy, which owns the ship, sent out a press release today revealing that redevelopment is coming, and that details—as well as the partner behind those plans—will be revealed at a press conference on February 4.

The ocean liner is currently docked on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, next to an Ikea—a funny coincidence, considering that one of the redevelopment plans that's been bandied about is bringing the ship to Red Hook and turning it into a mixed-use development. But for now, the conservancy is remaining tight-lipped on where the ship may go or who might be behind its redevelopment. The only details the press release gives are as follows:

The SS United States Conservancy will host a press conference to announce that it has signed an option agreement with a major redevelopment partner. At the announcement, an exciting future for the ship will be revealed that envisions the SS United States again as an iconic symbol of America the world over.It's been widely speculated that the ship will move to New York City regardless of whether or not the Red Hook plan, spearheaded by concrete magnate John Quadrozzi, Jr., comes to fruition—and the press conference's location, on Manhattan's west side, could be a nod to that.

The ship seemed to be headed for the scrap pile last year, but last-minute donations campaigns helped the conservancy raise the necessary funds (about $60,000 per month) to keep it docked in Philly.
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