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Massive Mansion Could Rise At Site of UES Parking Garage

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What may be one of the city's prettiest former parking garages is on its way to becoming an enormous single-family home, provided a buyer can pony up the for it. The New York Post reports that a five-level former garage on 73rd Street is being marketed as a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a mansion of unique width," to the tune of $42.5 million.

According to the listing, the lot is 40 feet wide and nearly 77 feet deep, which could give way to one heck of a mega mansion. Design firm The Renovated Home is currently working on plans to transform the structure into a nearly 18,000-square-foot residence, which could potentially include an eight-car garage, a basketball court, and other bonkers amenities. The current structure, which was built in 1906, is a city landmark with a limestone facade (on the lower level) and lovely ornamentation on its upper levels.

The listing also estimates that the fully renovated property could ask in the "$100 million to $125 million range"—which may seem unfathomable, but considering that the city's most expensive property is only 11 blocks away from this site, it's maybe not so crazy after all.
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