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Big Reveal: $985,000 For an Upper East Side Two-Bedroom

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We hear you loud and clear, commenters: Next time we choose a listing on the Upper East Side for Spotter, we'll provide at least some clue as to what part of the neighborhood it is. In this case, this two-bedroom co-op is located at 161 East 91st Street between Lexington and Third Avenues, and the asking price is $985,000. Several people hit the nail right on the head, with the first being asg301. And while opinions were mixed on the apartment's size and layout, commenters were nearly unanimous in their dislike for the apartment's turquoise color scheme. ("Feels like living in a fish tank!," says Manhattan4Ever.)

Listing: 161 East 91st Street [Sotheby's via StreetEasy]
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