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Behold, the 15 Most Expensive Homes for Sale In Brooklyn Right Now

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As real estate prices throughout New York City climb ever-higher, seeing homes in Brooklyn listed in the millions of dollars has become close to normal. The borough's most expensive home sold for $15.5 million in the summer of 2015, and there are plenty of properties on the market now that are hovering around that number—and some that could even shatter that record if the right buyer comes along. (We're looking at you, Low Mansion.) So with that in mind, here are Brooklyn's 15 priciest properties for sale right now—some have languished on the market for years (and appeared the last time we made this list in 2014), while others are newer entrants, but suffice to say, they're all over-the-top.

15) One Main Street, 14th Floor, currently listed at $7.9 million
Hardly pricey by Manhattan's standards, the three-bedroom penthouse of Dumbo's 1 Main Street earns a spot on this list with its $7.9 million price tag. The penthouse covers over 3,000 square feet and has "protected eye-level views" of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and lower Manhattan. (Alas, what it doesn't have: listings photos. Hopefully this floorplan will do.)

14) One Pierrepont Street, #9A, currently listed for $7.95 million
The listing touts this new-to-market co-op as a "rare offering," with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and expansive Manhattan views. (Also, Pierrepont Street will become a theme on this list—something to note now.) It's only been on the market for about two weeks, but it's list price—close to $8 million—is high enough to vault it into the ranks of the borough's most expensive listings.

13) 44 Grace Court, currently listed for $8.75 million
This classic Italianate brownstone in Brooklyn Heights has been well-preserved and restored recently, with high ceilings, big windows, original moldings, parquet floors, walnut and mahogany woodwork, and eight marble fireplaces. It also has a nice landscaped garden and a wine cellar, and is located on a private cul de sac—which could explain that $8.75 million asking price.

12) 277 1st Street, currently listed for $9.995 million
After more than a decade of trying to construct their 15,000-square-foot dream home in Park Slope, Joseph and Ivona Hertz threw in the towel and put this unfinished mansion on the market for $11.5 million in 2015—and it's since been chopped further to $9.995 million. The shell of the house currently exists, and it does have a two-story rock climbing wall in the backyard, so if that (and a bunch of renderings that look like they were taken from a 1990s computer game) appeal to you, have at it.

11) 90 Furman Street, #N1007, currently listed for $10.5 million
Lost amid all of the arguments over Brooklyn Bridge Park's controversial Pierhouse development is the fact that it's home to some of the borough's most expensive real estate, including this $10.5 million penthouse, which hit the market in the fall of 2014. It has five bedrooms, more than 4,000 square feet of space, and plenty of luxe amenities—but it's also been on the market for more than a year, which isn't a promising sign.

10) 8220 Narrows Avenue, a.k.a. "the Gingerbread House," currently listed for $10.99 million
This fairy-tale hideaway in Bay Ridge first hit the market in 2009, and there it has sat, even as it's been called "the most magnificent residence in all of New York City." While the exterior is all Hansel and Gretel-esque, the interior has plenty of Arts and Crafts details, including stained glass windows and lovely, warm wood everywhere. But that hasn't been enough to attract a buyer, and improbably, the home's price has actually increased from its previous ask of $10.5 million.

9) 100 Pierrepont Street, currently listed for $11.25 million
This is one of three townhouses born from old Brooklyn Law School residences, with the other two located at 38 Monroe Street (you'll see that higher up on this list) and 27 Monroe Place. This 5,610 square feet single-family mansion is listed for $11.25 million, a slight increase from when it first hit the market in 2014.

8) 113 Willow Street, currently listed for $12.5 million
The 1829 townhouse at 113 Willow Street seemed like it might have been a steal when it was on the market in 2012 asking $4.5 million. (It eventually sold for $2.9 million.) It definitely doesn't seem like one any more. Now renovated within an inch of its life, the townhouse is currently has an asking price $12.5 million. (It was also, for a spell, on the rental market for a whopping $30,000/month, making it the most expensive rental listing in Brooklyn at the time.)

7) 192 Columbia Heights, currently listed for $15 million
Located right above the Promenade, 192 Columbia Heights—a designated landmark built in 1859—is 25'-wide with 14' ceilings, two terraces, a landscaped backyard, and some pretty spectacular views of New York Harbor. It has three working fireplaces with period mantels, floor-to-ceiling bay windows, a walnut-and-cherry staircase, original oak parquet flooring, and walnut wainscoting. It was previously listed in 2014 for $16 million, and got a slight price chop when it returned to the market earlier this month.

6) 38 Monroe Place, currently listed for $13.75 million
Like no. 8 development 100 Pierrepont Street, this enormous mansion is a former Brooklyn Law School residence, and was developed by Kushner Companies. But at 6,340 square feet, it's bigger than its neighbor, and it's also a good deal more expensive: After being listed at $13 million in 2014, it's now asking $13.75 million. (Ambitious!)

5) 2458 National Drive compound, currently listed for $17 million
Everyone's favorite MIll Basin mansion, built by a Colombo crime family associate, is back on the market for $17 million. The mansion was at one time the second most expensive listing in all of Brooklyn, asking $30 million for its four kitchens, seven-car garage, and "very special circular meditation room." The mansion saw its price drop precipitously back in November of 2014 to $17 million. It's still asking $17 million, but that price tag now comes with an extra, pretty over-the-top perk: the neighboring home on the property, formerly asking $8 million.

4) One Main Street clocktower penthouse, currently listed for $18 million
Will this apartment ever sell? It's been on the market at various prices for nigh on seven years, starting at $25 million and eventually dropping to its current $18 million ask. In between, it's been featured on TV and in magazines, and been scoped out by the likes of Ron Burkle, Ralph Lauren, and Jay Z. And still it sits, unloved and alone, near the top of the list of the borough's priciest listings. Maybe 2016 will be its year? (But don't hold your breath.)

2) and 3) One Brooklyn Bridge Park penthouses, currently listed for $32 million and $27.7 million
While the $32 million Penthouse B at the celebrity-approved Brooklyn Bridge Park condo has been languishing for a year and a half, its slightly smaller sibling—Penthouse A—just hit the market last summer. Both come with stellar Manhattan views, wine cellars, private screening rooms, and over-the-top finishes.

1) The Low Mansion, 3 Pierrepont Place, listed for $40 million
There are Brooklyn townhouses, and then there's the 17,500-square-foot mansion on Pierrepont Place. Located right along the Brooklyn Heights promenade, it hit the market last February asking a hair-raising $40 million, and has remained at that same price ever since. So what does $40 million get you? Aside from truly incredible Manhattan views, the house—which was split into eight units, but can be configured to a single-family home—also has historical cachet: it once belonged to A.A. Low, an early Brooklyn trailblazer whose son, Seth, was mayor in the late 19th century.

One Brooklyn Bridge Park

360 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY


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