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Studio Gang Is Designing a Brownsville FDNY Training Center

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Despite the fact that Jeanne Gang, the founder of Chicago-based architecture firm Studio Gang, has plenty of projects in progress all over the world, only a few of those are in New York City. The firm is working on the controversial expansion of the American Museum of Natural History, along with the angular "Solar Curve" near the High Line. And today, Dezeen highlights the firm's third NYC commission: a 20,000-square-foot FDNY facility in Brownsville, Brooklyn, which will function as a training center for "an elite force of firefighters and specialized rescue workers."

The building certainly looks like a firehouse—it has red accents and the typical sign above the entrance—but has a far more open feel than you'd expect from a traditional hook-and-ladder. According to the firm's website, the openness is intentional, for several reasons. The building's main feature is "a large interior void," which allows the firefighters working there to "practice rescue scenarios that mimic conditions common to the city." (And obviously, there's room for a couple of fire engines,which will be able to exit on either side of the building.)

The openness is also meant to enhance the social lives of the firefighters, many of whom will be working and staying in the building. Large windows let in light and air, and there are several communal spaces, including a large kitchen, backyard, an exercise center, and porches on different levels.

On its website, Studio Gang calls the firehouse "both a neighborhood fixture and important piece of infrastructure," and as far as civic buildings in New York City go, this could very well set a new precedent.
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