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5 New York City Apartments You Can Nab For Under $600,000

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Welcome to a semi-regular feature, Price Points, in which we pick a relatively low asking price and a type of apartment, then scour StreetEasy to find the best available options around the city. Today's task: one-bedroom apartments asking less than $600,000.

Every once in a while, a listing comes along in New York that is priced so low, it seems like it must be a prank. Bad news: it usually is (if Craigslist has anything to do with it), but some six-figure apartments do exist within the confines of this fine (and astronomically expensive) city. We set out looking for a selection of affordable pads after the Post ran a story about a $126,750 apartment—the buyer "got an amazing deal" because she already lived in the building—and while none of what our search turned back is quite so inexpensive, it did reinvigorate hope that you don't have to be a bajillionaire to settle down here. Here now, five one-bedrooms asking less than $600,000.

↓ A spacious one-bedroom in a prewar building in Jackson Heights's historic district is asking $399,000. The 950-square-foot co-op has a renovated kitchen with a built-in banquet (bonus: there's built-in storage beneath), 9-foot ceilings, and prewar details. The co-op is pet friendly and maintenance is $804/month. [StreetEasy]

↓ This Concourse apartment may be tiny, but it's nearly impeccable with an updated bathroom and kitchenette, and glorious prewar details like a sunken living room. The petite co-op is in an Art Deco building with a part-time doorman. Best of all? It's only asking $149,000, and maintenance is a low $393. [StreetEasy]

↓ On the Upper West Side, $599,000 nets a spacious one-bedroom co-op. Nestled on West 75th Street between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue, the co-op has a corner bedroom with a customized walk-in closet and en suite bathroom (which just so happens to be the only bathroom in the apartment.) Monthly maintenance is $1,412. [StreetEasy]

↓ On the first floor of the River Arts co-op in Washington Heights, a one-bedroom is asking $565,000. The listing lays it on thick calling the apartment's unrenovated bathroom "vintage perfection," but we'll let that one slide. The living area is large enough to hold a grand piano, seating area, and dining area, which is impressive in its own right. [StreetEasy]

↓ This Lenox Hill co-op is a blast from the past with all the makings of a great one-bedroom apartment. Cheekily called the "Mad Men Special" by the broker, this apartment "splendid space and good bones" and has south-facing exposures. It's asking $450,000, but the maintenance is on the high side at $2,367. [StreetEasy]

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