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Contemporary Limestone Mansion In Queens Asks $2.1M

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This unique six-bedroom home in Fresh Meadows, Queens has a facade that's made entirely out of limestone, a standout piece of architecture amidst the mostly red brick houses that sit along Utopia Parkway, where this house is located. At just under $2.1 million, this massive house has wooden flooring throughout the house except for the bathrooms which are done up in marble. Apart from the large rooms and the expansive windows this house also comes with a gorgeous, double staircase with three long windows overlooking a garden outside. Speaking of gardens, this house has an enviable backyard with stone steps, and two balconies at the back of the house that overlook this quiet, green abode. The house sits right across from the St. John's University Queens Campus.

· Listing [Laffey Fine Homes]