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The Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year Is Gowanus!

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Sixteen neighborhoods entered, but only one emerged victorious: Gowanus is officially the 2015 Curbed Cup winner!

The battle between the Brooklyn neighborhood and its fellow finalist, Flushing, was fierce, but in the end Gowanus came out on top by a margin of nearly 140 votes. Some readers weren't particularly enthused about this match-up ("A neighborhood named after the sound that a toilet makes? Or a neighborhood famous for its raw sewage? I just can't decide," said NYCSince83), but nearly 3,000 people cast votes in the final contest, so the pairing definitely struck a nerve. Fun fact: This is the first time a Kings County neighborhood has taken home the top prize since 2011, when Downtown Brooklyn won the Cup. It's about time, Brooklyn—even if the winner is centered around a murky Superfund site. Congratulations, Gowanus—now go celebrate!
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