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These NYC Neighborhoods Have the Most and Fewest Walk-Ups

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Now that the tinsel has been torn down and New York City is a veritable Christmas tree graveyard, 'tis the season for resolutions. For many, that means working on their fitness, which StreetEasy ingeniously interpreted to the real estate realm by assessing the city's abundant supply of walk-up apartments. If a move is in your future (and a gym is not) consider looking in one of the city's neighborhoods with the most walk-ups. Climbing those five or six flights every day will likely mean paying less in rent—rents are typically lower in walk up buildings—while also pretty much obliterating the need for a gym (er, right?) and its costly fees. If a walk-up still sounds like the worst thing ever, don't fret. StreetEasy also identified the neighborhoods with the fewest walk-ups.

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