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Salvation Army's East Harlem Senior Housing Finally A Go

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The Salvation Army's plans to build a new affordable senior housing facility are finally a go, New York Yimby reports (h/t BBH). For this new project, the organization will demolish its East Harlem building located at 2306 Third Avenue and convert into an 11-story building with 233 apartments with recreational and community facilities.

The Salvation Army had earlier courted controversy when it tried to sell it's 352-unit senior housing building on the Upper West Side. There was some legal back and forth with the Attorney General preventing the sale followed by the State Supreme Court approving the sale, but the organization ultimately sold the property to Brack Capital for $109 million last month, according to NY YIMBY.

Part of that money will now be used to create the new housing center in East Harlem. Designed by Peter Poon Architects, the new facility will include a Salvation Army church on the first floor, and offices, classrooms, and a cafeteria on the second floor. The third floor will house more offices, yet another cafe, a library, and a fitness center. The amenities don't end just yet. There's also a basketball court and a laundry proposed for the cellar, and a dining hall and storage space for the 11th floor.

The apartments will start fourth floor onward with floors four through eight having 30 apartments each and the ninth and tenth floor will have 17 and 18 apartments respectively.

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