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Cuomo Expected to Announce Plan For Penn Station Overhaul

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Governor Cuomo is expected to revive a plan to overhaul Penn Station, with several sources close to the governor telling the Wall Street Journal that Cuomo may announce plans as early as this week. Part of the overhaul is expected to involve rebooting the Moynihan Station plan that involves transferring Amtrak's waiting area to the neighboring James A. Farley Post Office Building, which would be major for bringing the jam-packed terminal out of the dark ages—literally. Cuomo's plan will focus on bringing more light and air to the labyrinthine terminal that's often likened to hell. Once Amtrak's waiting area is relocated, the redevelopment of the station's other concourses could move forward.
Sources told the Journal that part of the redevelopment discussion involves relocating Madison Square Garden from atop the terminal, which would allow more light and air into the existing station. How Cuomo's announcement will affect the decade-old agreement the state made when tapping developers Vornado and Related Companies to develop Moynihan Station is unclear, but Cuomo's dissatisfaction with how the project has been progressing to date bubbled up a few weeks ago when the Times reported that Cuomo was considering dumping the developers. The Journal reports that ending the agreement will be costly, but the penalties will likely be minor compared to the overall cost of the project.

The first phase of the Moynihan Station development is expected to wrap-up this year, allowing passengers to exit on the west side of Eighth Avenue.
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