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Dull West Village Building Will Undergo Ritzy Condo Conversion

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When you look at the renders for the condo conversion set to take place at 90 Morton Street in the West Village, the penthouse looks as though it's about to be eaten up by a forest. But that's not a bad thing when you consider the concrete jungle that is New York City. So, it certainly comes as a welcome sight to see the conversion being undertaken by Dutch real estate firm, Brack Capital, which will see the former commercial building take the shape of a 35-unit residential with 29 condos. 6sqft was the first to report on the development.

Brack purchased the site, which also goes by the address of 627 Greenwich Street back in 2014 for $105 million. The conversion was stalled for several years prior to that, according to Crain's. The building was previously owned by Peter Moore who in 2008 was able to rezone the former commercial building for housing, but as the housing bubble burst, the project collapsed.

But Brack Capital is giving it a new lease of life - and a pricey one at that. The selling price for all the apartments combined, when the conversion is complete will be a staggering $326 million.

Here's how the apartments will be laid out in the building: Floors two through seven will have four apartments each. The eighth floor will have three. Nine through 11 will have two, and top floor will be occupied by the lush penthouse.

Isaac and Stern Architects have been contracted to design the conversion.

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