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432 Park Finally Has Its First Recorded Sale For $18M

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It's true: After years of development, delays, and a change in brokers, Rafael Viñoly's immense supertall at 432 Park Avenue (which Curbed named its building of the year for 2015) finally has its first official sale. 6sqft reports that the first unit to move out of contract limbo and into officially sold territory is unit 35B, a 4,000-square-foot, 35th-floor penthouse apartment that was originally listed for $17.75 million.

The buyer, a generically-named entity called 432 Parkview LLC, ended up paying slightly more than the asking price; it closed at $18.1 million. The supertall building, which is NYC's tallest residential tower, only received its certificate of occupancy in November. It's expected that when all is said and done, the building's total sellout will be $3.1 billion, which would be a city record. (Though with sales slowing down, who knows how long it'll be before that happens.…)

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