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Tommy Hilfiger's Plaza Penthouse Is Now Asking Just $69M

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Fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger knows how to make a buck on pedaling preppy wares, but unloading real estate just isn't his thing. Behold, the saga—thus far—of his Plaza penthouse.

Hilfiger's sprawling duplex has been on and off the market since 2008, when he and wife Dee Ocleppo listed it as a $50 million fixer-upper. After the apartment failed to sell, Hilfiger took it off the market and siphoned an additional $20 million in renovations into the apartment before re-introducing it as an $80 million homage to "glamour of a bygone era." Nearly one year later, the apartment was pulled from the market, and returned some five months after that for a mere $75 million. One Curbed commenter, or should we say soothsayer, really called the issue out: "This is just yet another listing at The Plaza that will languish on the market for years unsold or suffer a price chop of embarrassing proportions until it finds a buyer." And, surprise, the penthouse resurfaced this afternoon with the biggest pricechop to date, bringing its ask down to the bargain basement price of $68.95 million (h/t TRD).

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