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Astor Place Cube Could Make its Triumphant Return By Spring

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The Astor Place Cube's triumphant return to its official resting place in the East Village could be just a few months away, Bedford+Bowery reports. Excavation work has finally begun at Alamo Plaza, named after what the Tony Rosenthal-created sculpture is officially known, Alamo. The Cube was removed from the site over a year ago to protect it from being damaged during the ongoing construction work in the area. It's currently being restored and repainted at a facility in New Jersey.

The excavation work at Alama Plaza is part of the larger reconstruction of Astor Place and Cooper Square, which started in 2013, and will see the creation of improved sidewalks and more landscaping in the area.

The Department of Design and Construction told B+B that the plaza renovation will likely be complete in the Spring.

A Halloween reveler brought some joy into the lives of New Yorkers last year when he dressed up as the Cube, and paraded about the area for quite some time that day.

Here are a couple of renderings of the finished project:

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