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Second Avenue Subway test trains show sure sign of progress

The MTA said it was beginning various tests on the line and the trains were just one of them

After a string of somewhat depressing news about the Second Avenue subway, there’s finally something positive. For the first time, the MTA conducted test runs on the line between 57th Street-Seventh Avenue and 96th Street-Second Avenue this past weekend, 6sqft first reported.

They learned of the news after Youtube user DJ Hammers posted a video to their account. The agency was testing the third rails, signals and tracks on the new line, and had brought R160s and R68As (both train models) to test out the route, according to 6sqft.

The MTA confirmed that it was beginning several tests along the line, and that the train runs were just one of them. The agency maintains that these tests are moving forward just as it had said they would, but regardless they come as welcome news after reports this summer, and as recently as the end of last month that the project might miss its December deadline.

Check out the test run for yourself below: