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Hudson Yards's 1,300-foot skyscraper approaches the halfway mark

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Once complete, the tower will be the megaproject’s tallest

Hudson Yards’ soon-to-be tallest tower, 30 Hudson Yards, has hit a construction milestone. The 90-story building is about one-third of full height. A new set of photos from construction site photographer Field Condition shows that the KPF-designed office tower is about one-third of full height. Once complete, 30 Hudson Yards will stand 1,296 feet tall and it will house the riveting 1,100-foot open-air observation deck along with several businesses. The lower levels are also beginning to receive their curtain wall installations.

Nearby, the retail tower located between 10 and 30 Hudson Yards is receiving metal-paneled facade. This building is being designed by Elkus Manfredi Architects and anticipates high-end department store brand Neiman Marcus to occupy part of the 1,000,000-square-foot space once complete.