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Peek inside 3 historic NYC sites before OHNY Weekend

Take a virtual tour of the New York Pavilion, Lowline Lab, and Eldridge Street Synagogue

Open House New York is happening in less than a week and with so many amazing sites being offered on this year’s line-up. It’s not easy trying to plan for as many amazing tours as possible. While Curbed has come up with a list of 20 must-see sites, it only begins to scratch the surface for all that can being explored during the ever-popular weekend event.

StreetEasy has also tag-teamed with OHNY to tour a few of the iconic structures that are among the many great locations at your disposal come October 15th and 16th.

If you’re like us, the urge to visit all of the sites scheduled for OHNY will be ever-present. This will likely be an impossible task, but for those sites you’d love to physically attend but just can’t, StreetEasy will be offering video tours that will offer historical facts and inside looks into some of OHNY’s best offerings. Videos touring the New York Pavilion, the Lowline Lab, and the Eldridge Street Synagogue, have been released, with many more scheduled to come.

New York Pavilion

The New York State Pavilion Painting Project is slated to host a tour of the iconic New York Pavilion, the site of the historic 1964 World’s Fair. The video explores everything from the buildings debut to its decay and impending repurposing as a hanging garden.

Lowline Lab

As the Lower East Side’s proposed underground park, the Lowline, inches towards becoming a reality, OHNY is invited visitors into the Lowline Lab to give a better understanding of what resources it will require to bring the park into existence.

Eldridge Street Synagogue

One of the Lower East Side’s hidden gems, the Eldridge Street Synagogue, has made its way to OHNY weekend. Learn about its rich history, architectural, style, and recent $20 million revival both through this informative video and in person, if possible.

Additionally, Curbed has once again teamed up with OHNY to curate a selection of residences that celebrate Curbed’s mantra, "love where you live." Join Curbed Curates as we rake you inside ten residences that range from an apartment in classic Upper West Side condo to Staten Island’s hip new development, Urby.