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Central Park's west side will be spruced up for first time since 1980s

The landscape in the area has deteriorated in recent years with increased usage

In July this year, news emerged that the Central Park Conservancy was in the midst of a $300 million fundraising effort to restore many iconic structures in the park, and as part of its overall renovation efforts the conservancy has now announced a comparatively small project focussing on the western section of the Park, DNAinfo reports.

This particular effort will focus on the area between West 86th and West 96th Streets and between Central Park West and the Reservoir. This section hasn’t received any major upgrades since the 1980s, and with increase in usage the landscape in the area has deteriorated, the vice president for planning at the Conservancy told DNAinfo.

The lack of a comprehensive irrigation system in that part has also created a "dust bowl." These issues will be remedied with funds provided by the Conservancy, and the project will also see the paths in that area being re-graded to make them more accessible to people with disabilities.

In addition, the Conservancy will renovate the entrances at West 86th Street and West 90th Street by replacing the pavement and sidewalk curbs and adding granite blocks that will also double up as benches, and adding more mulch and planting along the perimeter of the section being spruced up.

The work is expected to get underway sometime in December or January, and take up to a year to complete. Red Flags will denote areas that are not to be walked on during the restoration process.