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Bask in the Pacific Park penthouse views Brooklyn millionaires can buy

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Living vicariously never looked so good

The folks at Brooklyn’s mega-development, Pacific Park, are using virtual reality to the fullest potential in the real estate realm. After giving the world a digital walkthrough of the courtyard surrounding the development, they’re back with another virtual reality (VR) tour. This time, they’re giving us a glimpse of the panoramic penthouse views from 550 Vanderbilt, the project’s 17-story COOKFOX-designed luxury condo building, that some lucky person will one day get to enjoy.

While Penthouse North, pictured here, is not on the market at this time, the development's west penthouse is and it's asking just shy of $7 million. The north penthouse dishes up some pretty charming views of Brooklyn courtesy of Vuw Studio. Take a look:

As it turns out, those well off enough to scoop up a penthouse won’t be the only ones living at 550 Vanderbilt privy to stellar views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. There is an eighth floor residents terrace with some pretty sweet views of its own along with planted greenery (of which residents can grow their own) and seating spaces.

550 Vanderbilt's market-rate condos launched sales in June 2015, and being that the VR's were made using actual photography from the building, the project doesn't appear all that far off from move-ins. The 22-acre megaproject’s all-affordable rental building at 535 Carlton is also nearing completion.