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Queens hotel conversion into homeless shelter axed amid protests

The Maspeth hotel will not face a full conversion after all

The city has abandoned plans to convert a Queens hotel into a shelter for the homeless following last week’s outcry from local officials and ongoing protests from community members, reports the NY Daily News.

Mayor de Blasio’s administration had plans to convert a Holiday Inn in Maspeth into a 110-bed shelter, angering residents and officials who say they weren’t informed of the plans. Under the new plan, the hotel will now house just 30 men.

"Due to local opposition to housing homeless New Yorkers, we have not been able to convert this site into a full shelter at this time. We are renting rooms for employed single adults and providing onsite services and security," Department of Homeless Services spokeswoman Lauren Gray said in a statement.

However, some residents are still upset with the amended plans, seeing it as a way to slowly convert the hotel in its entirety and arguing that Mayor de Blasio has done a poor job in informing the community of crucial changes he and his administration have organized for the community with any outreach.

Needless to say, community members will continue to protest the Mayor’s change in plans for the Maspeth hotel.