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For $749,000, a charming and spacious Gramercy co-op with prewar details

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It's cozy, but large

There’s a lot to love about this adorable one-bedroom co-op along East 15th Street in Manhattan’s Gramercy neighborhood. For one thing, the apartment is incredibly sunny and the layout utilizes charming French doors and has oversized windows in its common area. But perhaps the coolest feature within the abode is the kitchen’s built-in window seat with storage, something rarely seen in the apartments of today’s time.

The kitchen isn’t super fancy; it's actually quite simple. The window seat is the perfect unique touch, and an ideal place to rest while keeping a steady eye on dinner.

The apartment also has a huge walk-in closet along with three smaller closets scattered throughout the space, a sign of its prewar origins. The bedroom appears large enough for at least a queen-sized bed. Though there aren’t any photos of the bathroom, we’ll just hope it’s lovely, too.

The apartment is on the market for $749,000, with maintenance going for an additional $1,165 a month.