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Extell's Lower East Side tower will launch sales in less than a month

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The development’s teaser site is live

Extell’s upcoming Lower East Side tower One Manhattan Square has been on the market abroad for months—Extell chief Gary Barnett notably told Bloomberg back in October 2015 that the company would be setting up campaigns in cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong to appeal to foreign buyers before bringing the condos to market in the States. But a domestic sales launch in the 800-condo tower is nigh—before the end of October, Curbed is told—and the development is announcing it in a way that is distinctly New York(er).

One Manhattan Square’s teaser site is now live, featuring commissioned images from former New Yorker contributing illustrator Clayton Junior. Junior was tapped to illustrate the development’s “vertical village,” or some of its over 100,000 square feet of amenities.

The building’s amenities—of which over 60,000 square feet will be inside and over 40,000 square feet outside—will include gardens designed by West 8, the same firm behind Governor’s Island’s engineered hills, that include fire pits, a treehouse, and courtyards; an outdoor kitchen and dining area; a private motor court; indoor parking; a resident’s lounge and a fully-stocked cellar bar; a 70-seat movie and performance theater; and so on.

Take a look at Junior’s illustrations for the teaser site below:

250 South Street

227 Cherry Street, Manhattan, NY 10002